WinCheck FAQ

How to use WinCheck?

Just start the main program by clicking the link on your desktop, select the extra checks you want to perform and click the “Check” button.

How to use Safe Shutdown?

Just click the link on your desktop and select any extra options. After your Windows installation is healthy again and free from malware and viruses, your computer will shutdown.

What do the extra options do?

Extra OptionWhat it does
Schedule a HDD scanScans your hard drive for damaged files and bad sectors and repairs them on next boot.
Schedule a Memory scanScans your RAM Memory for problems.
Microsoft Defender ScanScans your computer for viruses and malware with a Windows Defender quick and boot sector scan and quarantaines any found viruses or malware.
Scan and repair registryScans and repairs the Windows registry for older versions of Windows. For Windows 7 and 10 this is allready done by using DSIM and SFC.
Windows UpdateDownloads and installs Windows updates. Only works on older versions of Windows.
Run Disk CleanupRemoves files you do not need and frees up disk space.
Clean Temp FilesCleans temporary files on your system which are generally only used by installation programs. If you just installed a program or a Windows update you should NOT select this option.
DxDiagShows diagnostic information about your video cards. You can use it to see if anything is wrong with your video cards or drivers.
Backup system imageCreates a full backup of your system in case you are not able to repair your system with any other option availlable in WinCheck you can still recover with Windows recovery environment.
MsInfoShows information about your system and can also be used to diagnose any problems.
Keep HealthyWhen checked starts a service when Windows is fully loaded which checks and repairs your Windows health.
Show detailsShows some progress details of the checks performed.

How to restore my computer when nothing else works?

If WinCheck is unable to fix your problems, first try to use system restore. If that also cannot fix your problems you might need to put a full system image created with WinCheck back on your computer. This should normally only be done when your computer does not boot normally and also not in safe mode. You should try to use WinCheck in safe mode with network capability first.

If your computer does not boot at all (also not in Windows safe mode) and you are getting a blue screen from Windows Recovery Environment you should choose troubleshooting and then the option to restore from a system image. Select the backup image you would like to restore and start the process. After the process completes your Windows installation, applications and files should be restored and working again.

Note: If Windows Recovery Environment does not automatically appear you probably need to shutdown your computer using the power button a few times untill it does.

I saw WinCheck listed as adware or malware on some site

There was a program called Wincheck which made ads appear in your browser. This program has absolutely no affiliation with this website. Our software do contain ads in the free version but it does not contain adware, viruses or malware. Instead it removes malware, viruses and adware from your computer and verifies and repairs your Windows installation.

My question is not listed

Please log in to the website using your email and password which you used to activate WinCheck and post your question on the support page.