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WinCheck – Windows Diagnostics & Repair

Windows is probably the most valuable piece of software you have installed on your computer. Any problems with your Windows installation can cause many more software and hardware related problems.

WinCheck Windows Diagnostics and Repair protects your Windows operating system health by using Windows build-in tools to verify the integrity of your Windows system files and registry and repairing them when it detects any corruption. WinCheck is absolutely safe to use, no matter if your system is having problems or not. In fact you should use it right away to protect your Windows system now.

When you should use WinCheck

You should use WinCheck right away to fix any corrupted files of your Windows installation even when you do not notice any problems. You especially should run WinCheck when you do notice your computer is having problems. In fact the first thing you want to do when you are noticing problems is running WinCheck. There is a big probability it will fix the problems you are having without the need to run system restore or reinstalling Windows.

Some problems WinCheck is (not always) able to fix:

  • Malware, viruses and trojans disguised as system files;
  • Slow Windows startup;
  • Blue screen errors;
  • Frozen Windows;
  • Startup problems (you can run WinCheck in Safe mode with Network capabilities);
  • Corrupt system files;
  • Windows Registry corruption;
  • Damaged files or other problems with your HDD;
  • Software compatibility problems;
  • Problems caused by having too less free disk space;
  • Unfixable problems by using WinCheck System Recovery;
  • Many more problems you might be facing…..

How WinCheck repairs your Windows system

WinCheck uses DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) and SFC (system file checker), both allready hiddenly availlable in Windows, to diagnose and repair your Windows operating system to ensure a smooth Windows experience.

Other optional diagnostics and cleanup tools included are:

  • Windows System Restore;
  • WinCheck Software Compatibility Check;
  • Windows Checkdisk;
  • Windows memory diagnostics;
  • Windows Defender quick scan and boot sector scan;
  • Windows Disk Cleaner;
  • Temporary files cleaner;
  • Block level backup image of you Windows installation, programs and personal data (complete backup);
  • DXdiag;
  • MsInfo.

You can use WinCheck on all versions of Windows. Allthough some checks might not work on every version of Windows, simply because they are not availlable in every version and change over time.

Keep Windows Healthy

Keep your Windows system healthy by enabling the “Keep Healthy” feature. This will install a service which scans and repairs your Windows system on each startup. It also performs a quick and bootsector Windows Defender scan on startup and creates a system restore point if you haven’t created one in the last 6 hours. Your startup time will not increase by enabling the “Keep Healthy” feature, because it runs after Windows is fully loaded and has very little to no impact on your performance. After the checks are done the service is stopped and uses no resources at all anymore.

If you want to be even more secure, use the WinCheck Safe Shutdown feature.

The free download includes a 30 day free trial of “Keep Healthy”.

WinCheck Safe Shutdown

Ever faced the problem that Windows just would not boot? WinCheck Safe Shutdown diagnoses and repairs your Windows system and scans for malware before your computer shuts down. It will take some more time before your computer eventually shuts down compared to the normal Windows Shutdown button, but it will ensure your Windows System is healthy when you start up your computer again. It optionally can also clean your HDD and schedule a HDD scan and memory scan.

We recommand to always use the safe shutdown feature when you installed software you do not trust. Off course you could also use it everytime you shut down your computer for the safest Windows experience.

The free download includes a 30 day free trial of “WinCheck Safe Shutdown”.

Restore your computer with WinCheck System Recovery

WinCheck enables the ability making a complete system backup with build in Windows tools to recover your computer if no other method works. It uses block level imaging provided by Windows itself and can be used in the Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE). This makes restoring your system very easy and reliable.

The free download includes a 30 day free trial of “WinCheck System Recovery”.

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